Neurons that fire together wire together. -Douglas Rushkoff

Neuroplasticity is a term that refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of an experience.  Our brain possesses the capacity to  create new connections and reorganize pathways. In other words, we can change our thinking at any time at any age and change our life.  Change your thoughts change your behavior.

When I learned about brain plasticity I was like – Oh my goodness, I wish I knew this when I was a young adult.  It

means: sanctification. I’m being changed, renewed and restored little by little by changing the way I think and feel. Greater part of my personal development journey have been renewing my mind by telling myself the truth: I’m loved. Also I’m liked. My creator thinks very highly of me.

Its a long and arduous journey. Too many setbacks, storms, slippery roads and rugged  mountains to climb and rivers to cross. And self sabotage from [my] false self and toxic environment within and without. Renewing my mind and set my boundaries is like putting on a bulletproof jacket. Those poisoned arrows will come as the psalmist says “… thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.”

A toxic people are those who undervalue you and overvalue themselves. They operate in six things but I’ll give you  three things today. The other three next week.  They are  1] criticize.  You’ll never be good enough.   2] Control by saying they only want was best for you. 3] Guilt and gaslighting because they want you to be under their control. Some of them uses scripture to manipulate. They can actually drive you crazy.

You can heal your damaged emotions by feeling your feelings. Do not intellectualise, rationalize, spiritualize your feelings. It won’t help. Actually feeling your feelings lead to transformation. (TOMPKINS)

The more I really felt my feelings the clearer I could think. I began to notice that I have a choice. I saw that I can say NO and not afraid of abandonment.

Norman Vincent Peale says “Change your thoughts and you Change your world.”

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