Koror, Palau – The 2016 edition of The State of Palau’s Birds, a book produced by the Belau National Museum with support from Palau Conservation Society (PCS), is now available.

This 7th annual publication is a stunning visual display of a few of the 169 resident and migratory bird species of Palau.

This year’s book begins with new research about two birds – the Kiuidukall (Palau Cicada Bird) and Cherosech (Rust-capped Kingfisher). Once thought to be widespread outside Palau, these forest birds have recently been found to be endemic species found only in Palau.

The book showcases the increasingly important role that Palau plays in supporting the migration of birds as they fly on the East Asian Australasian Flyway (EAAF) and winter or stop over in Palau, especially on the sand flats of Peleliu Island.

At least 25 bird species have been observed on the sand flats of Peleliu, making it a globally important destination for almost half of the migratory shorebird species of shorebirds in the EAAF.

The State of Palau’s Birds also highlights the four endangered birds that live in Palau: the Palau Megapode, the Bar-tailed Godwit, the Great Knot, and the Far Easter Curlew.

“Every kid loves birds and we hope that this book helps to awaken the child in all of us,” said the book’s editors.

The publication ends with actions being taken to protect Palau’s birds including offering trainings for conservation officers and mobilizing citizen scientists to assist in monitoring. A free copy of the State of Palau’s Birds can be picked up at the Belau National Museum or Palau Conservation Society. (PR)