On October 9th, 2017 Ms. Hiromi Ito joined the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), as a volunteer from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to share her expertise in Graphic Design with the PICRC team. For eight months she will be assisting the Center in the development of  marketing materials for the aquarium and gift shop, creative displays for exhibits,  and fundraising efforts.  In addition, Ms. Ito will work directly with the PICRC staff  on marketing strategies and graphic design programs. 


Ms. Ito has an impressive background in graphic design. In 2005, she received her Bachelor of Art degree in Visual Communication Design from the University of Tsukuba’s School of Art and Design. Since graduating Ms. Hiromi has worked in marketing and design for multiple advertisement agencies. From July 2014 until March of 2017 she worked in Botswana, Africa for the Botswana National Museum where she was engaged in the planning, designing and production of promotional tools and exhibitions.  Ms. Ito looks forward to working with PICRC and learning about marine life and conservation efforts in Palau.

JICA is committed to bringing diverse wisdom and resources together.  The agency provides its workers with opportunities to volunteer around the world,  and to work  together closely with the people. The technical expertise of these volunteers contributes largely to the development of the organizations they are placed within.  Simultaneously, the volunteers benefit by gaining a global perspective through their location and work. Over the past 17 years JICA has  been an unwavering supporter of PICRC, contributing largely to the continued growth of the Center and capacity of PICRC staff.  [/restrict]