Pictured L-R: Vice President/Minister of Justice Honorable J. Uduch S. Senior, Chief Ricky Ngiraked, designated by Director Aguon to act on his behalf, Honorable Legislator Alonz Moses of the 12th Koror State Legislature, Officer Randy Ngeyus, Officer Elijah R. Kazuma, Officer Gaither Rdiall, Officer Wurley Ngirkelau Andy, Officer Jordan Senior Mobel, Officer Ian N. Bukurrou and Officer Obak J. Mad. (Office of the VP/MOJ in Koror)

The Bureau of Public Safety of the Ministry of Justice welcomed seven (7) new officers to its police force during a ceremony held today, February 28th, 2022, where all of them took their oath of office. The ceremony was witnessed by their families, friends, colleagues, and peers. Also present at the ceremony was the Honorable Alonz Moses, Legislator of the 12th Koror State Legislator representing Ngerbeched Hamlet, as well as Chief Olkeriil of the Division of Juvenile Justice, Chief Ngirblekuu of the Division of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection, Chief Sengebau of the Division of Transnational Crime, and Chief Ricky Ngiraked of the Division of Corrections. Chief Ngiraked administered the oath of office to the new officers.
The ceremony was held pursuant to Article V Part 1.6 of the Bureau of Public Safety Regulations which requires all law enforcement officers of the Bureau of Public Safety to swear an oath in writing upon taking on any duties in the Bureau to dutifully uphold the Constitution and obey and enforce all laws of the Republic of Palau.
The Bureau of Public Safety, Ministry of Justice, extends its appreciation to the following new police officers who now join the National Police Force as its newest sworn members: Officer Wurley Ngirkelau Andy, Officer Elijah Rebluud Kazuma, Officer Obak J. Mad, Officer Ian N. Bukurrou, Officer Randy Ngeyus, Officer Gaither Rdiall, and Officer Jordan Senior Mobel. These police officers will be assigned to the respective divisions of the Bureau of Public Safety and will work hand in hand with all police officers of the Bureau to promote and preserve peace, safety, and justice for all residents of the Republic of Palau and visitors alike.
In closing, Vice President and Minister of Justice, the Honorable J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, thanked the officers for choosing this important career path, for their steadfast commitment and sacrifice that they and their family will put into the force ahead and encouraged them to work hard as sworn police officers to promote safety and security in the Republic of Palau.

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