The trouble with asking questions is sometimes you get answers you don’t want to her.  -Nikki Sixx

What is a wet blanket?

A wet blanket is a person who spoils other people’s fun by failing to join in with or by disapproving of their activities

according to Oxford Language.

A tekoi er Belau a “CHORBECHALL”.

I used to be a “wet blanket”.  I was full of hurt and anger. It’s all I had.  If i were nice, i was performing. You can only give what you have. It was a lonely life. I walked to school and come and do my chores. I didn’t have many friends. I used to believe I was just being me – bad, worthless with no good inside me.  I believed that when my bapa died he took all the good and left me empty.  I grew older feeling empty.  I knew something was so twisted and confusing in me. I gotta find a way to fix that twisted emptiness in me. (How to get rid of that wet blanket ngkedemk mengkora mekngit a bul) I searching and my creator found me wandering. He led me to good caring people who saw me as a human being with some potential.  Thankfully as I learned more about the mind and behavior.  I began to  understand the conscious and  subconscious mind. Learning about Neuroplasticity I started  to pursue joy, love, and peace. Kindness and faithfulness, and  Gentleness – like a warrior with his sword in his sheath. Patience and Self Control.  They come from the divine spark in you.  This is when Neuroplasticity began to make sense to me.  I can change by telling  my mind to instruct my brain to create a new neural network to spread joy, love, and peace. You create new patterns in your head.  It takes a while but it works. I became more aware of what’s happening in my brain. We can discern whenever that cockeyed kill joy- the wet blanket- the toxic shame is trying to sneak in from behind and spoil the day.

Neuroplasticity in my own word:  ngdi ua chomoruul ra beches el dobu ma beches el ralm a mo chokiu ngii el mora mesei meng mo ungil a dait el dubch. Before you know it eng mla mo beches e ungil a uldesuem. It’s not what others say; it’s what goes on between your ears.

Tial brain er kau a kmal mesisiich e mengasireng el klaloe.  A chomo sisecheklii el mo meruul a ungil tekoi e mo  chomdasue a ungil luldasue e ngorrenges e cholngesenges.

Some of us are a mess and perfectly wild being in process.  Just as God is patient with us it’ll be wise to be patient with ourselves.  He wants the best for you.

Be ware of toxic behaviors others will use to destroy you. I gave you three tactics before.  Here are the next three.

The fourth thing that toxic people use to manipulate you is through Scriptures. Like honor you mother… Obey your parents – e.g., alii kedemo mengudl a udoud leng ngarngii a chelsang.  They use them to control you, to shame you, to invalidate you to meet their agenda. Yes, I’m afraid there are many toxic Christians thinking they’re superior over you. They use the scripture out of context to their advantage, not necessarily in Biblical sense. 

The fifth tactic toxic people use to manipulate you is responsibility.  You are responsible for their needs. This is so typical of a toxic mother. They make you feel you’re responsible for their needs even their emotional needs. (They manipulate you like Ke kmal kedung el ngalk engkal chudeliu a diak le ngerang).  Of course we provide, but not to the point where you’re no longer a person but their  extension. (After all, “Look at what they did for you.”) An infamous narcissistic way of manipulation says your success is because of them).

When #5 doesn’t work, the sixth tactic is to pull number three on you.  They msje you Take a guilt trip and convince you to believe something is so wrong with you.

There will come a time when you will have to leave the toxic people so you can be free to love your spouse and children. And find thar your true self is really a decent person with a good heart. Look for the good buried under all that debris of dead things.

Soren Kierkegaard says, “Life can be understood backwards, but it can only be lived forwards.” 

God says, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

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