By: Eoghan Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

The brand-new correctional facility prison building in Ngchesar State is nearing completion. The 2nd quarter of 2024 is the expected date of completion.

“We are looking at a target completion date of June, July, or August of 2024,” said Public Works Director Brian Melairei at an oversight hearing last Wednesday, August 15.

Director Melarei reported that the building of the new correctional facility was initiated in 2018 with an appropriation of 1 million dollars from OEK. “However, this needed 4.3 million,” he said.

“The next appropriation of funds was 500,000 dollars by the congress, and thereafter, we used the stimulus grants to support the project”.

This year, 2023, the Office of the President was able to allocate the last needed funds of $750,000 for the project. As far as funding goes, we will not require any additional funding,” added Director Melairei.

As an answer to the Senate President’s question, Director said that “When we

began the design of this facility back in 2017, we have not begun talks regarding the further expansion of electricity coverage in the Desbedall area; therefore, the design of the facility incorporated water catchment tanks and generators within the contract”.

“Now there are current talks between Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) and the government of Japan regarding aids that will further expand electricity coverage of Desbedall, and the new water system being built in Oikull intersection capable of bringing potable water to the facility.”

 In the event that the facility is completed before it could be hooked up to island electricity and the Oikull water system, it could still be operational while awaiting the completion of said infrastructure developments.

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