A newly constructed ramp at Long Island Park (Ngermalk) in Koror is the first facility built in a public park to provide access to all persons, including folks with disabilities, to swim and enjoy the ocean easily and safely.

“We have a responsibility as government to ensure that all members of our community have access to our public facilities, that we construct inclusive facilities,” said President Surangel Whipps at yesterday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ramp was built to UN accessibility specifications, provided through the local liaison Villany Remengesau from Omekesang, an NGO that promotes disability awareness in Palau.

People with disabilities can now easily and safely get to the ocean to swim, an activity not possible before with the steep concrete stairs.

The accessibility ramp was constructed by the Class of “93, a chartered non-profit organization consisting of the high school classes of 1993.  The construction of the ramp was made possible through a grant from the Republic of China-Taiwan and the support of the Koror State Government, said Class of “93 President Quay Polloi. The project had a youth component, with students from Palau High School participating in the project development.

Koror State Governor Eyos Rudimch extended sincere appreciation to the Class of ‘93 and the government of the Republic of China, Taiwan, for the ramp and service now available to the residents of Koror State.

The Class of ‘93 (CO ‘’93) provided, in addition to the access ramp, cement benches, and picnic tables alongside water, improving the overall quality of Long Island Park.

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