The Ministry of Justice sports new spiffy signage courtesy of Senator Aric Nakamura. [restrict]

Ministry had to build a new signage to replace the old one due to wear and tear after many years of use. This year a new sign has been built to replace the previous one by Senator Aric Nakamura.

According to a press release from the  Office of the Vice-President and Ministry of Justice, they are deeply grateful to Senator Nakamura for his effort and support in erecting a new sign for the Ministry.

According to the report, despite his busy schedule, Senator, Mr. Nakamura managed to get his people work on the sign every weekend, and finally on May 5, 2017 was completed and the Ministry is humbled by his dedication.

“The signage strengthens the message of the Ministry that we are in full force in securing our island nation in the area of law enforcement and security,” stated the Office the Ministry of Justice. [restrict]