Taiwan officially handed over the newly renovated Palau National Gym to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (MCCA) which will now serve  not only as a sport facility but a multi purpose center.

The renovated gym will serve as the main plenary hall for the Ocean Conference 2020 which is scheduled to be held here on December 7 and December 8. 

The handover of the gym completes the Palau Global Village conference facilities.

Minister Baklai Chilton said the newly improved  gym has gone a long way since its old look that had been home to many of the Palau athletes and venue of several historic events in the nation.

The gymnasium’s renovations began in January 2019  and cost at least $8 million.

Minister Baklai in her speech vowed that the facility will maintain the same standard far beyond the Our Ocean Conference.
She said  the national gym will serve as a main facility for hosting sporting events as well as other major events.

President Tommy Remengesau Jr. sees the improved facility as a show of the deepening friendship between Taiwan and Palau.

“Quality of infrastructure is the cornerstone of sustainable development. Today’s  ceremony is just the latest expression of the partnership between our two countries .

“Taiwan can help is the slogan that sums up Taiwan’s contribution to the world,  from areas of  health and climate change, and in the case of where we are standing today to good health and long term infrastructure development,” Remenegsau said.

The extensive renovation project was funded  by grants from the Republic China-Taiwan .

 The  renovation work included extensive work on the entrance area of the facility, reception area, including removal of wood flooring, basketball post, sign boards, and bleachers.

Work also includes installing an aluminum ceiling, sealing the concrete louvers, installing glass windows around the building, painting the concrete floor and placing carpets, constructing temporary offices within the facility and constructing additional toilets and storage for backup generators and air conditioning units.

It also included solar panels on the roof and extensive landscaping around the facility among improvement works.

The renovation also restored back all the wooden flooring, bleachers and other sporting structures after the conference.
The contractor for the project was Fu Tsu Construction Company Ltd.

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