A olsisechakl er chelchang ma olsisechakl er a rechad er a ngara mong a kmal kakerous (teaching then and teaching now is quite different. Education in Palau was taught privately unlike the American modern adopted way of public educating. What private education was in Palau is what you been taught at home that you adapt and use when you step outside your home in a public area.

At home you learn the “llach me aike el kausisechakl ra blim.” Palauans believed that the teaching we teach at home are “berrotel” (sacred) knowledge we wouldn’t just give to anybody. Like in terms of medicine, medicine back then was a means for income. So, families would pass on the knowledge but only within their family and sell it to other households.

Teaching at home was very important because what you display out there reflects not on who you are but where you came from. This teaching is so much more and it means a lot of things, like consideration of your family, respect for others and a well presentation of yourself.

You’re not supposed to step outside of your house still having to ask and learn for people who will think you weren’t taught at home. Nowadays we are more open to asking questions when we don’t know encouraging others that this is the best way to learn, but we still go out and present ourselves the best because we don’t stand alone as you represent a whole family and the people who are raising you.