Cutting it too close is probably the name of the game for many of Palau’s young men and women when Kerradel Youth Organization (KYO) struggled to establish their organization as a non-profit entity before the end of 2016 which is “Palau’s Year of the Youth” as the group’s Charter was signed by President Remengesau, Jr. on November 25th and delivered accordingly.


In their eagerness to make sure all activities related to their organization were completed within this “Year of the Youth 2016”, KYO held their very first ground-breaking ceremonial convention on December 27th to update Ngaraard Community and friends.  “The first date scheduled for the convention was December 17th to be held at Bai ra Choll,” said KYO’s President Haygan Ongrung. “But our gathering was postponed and moved forward due to large amount of activities taking place so close to the holidays.”

“It was not an easy feat in reaching our goals,” stated KYO Secretary Latoya Besebes, “which was to establish and obtain KYO’s Charter as a non-profit organization with members so excited that our path seem to vanish as we had to re-direct our efforts to return everyone to the right path again and again.”

According to KYO’s Vice-President Dimailyne Melelm, the struggle to reach their goal met with difficulties that opened officers’ and members’ eyes as to the reality of the road ahead within the organization’s responsibilities as stated in Article II (Purpose & Objective) of KYO’s Articles of Incorporation. “But as difficult as it may be,” said KYO Vice-President, “we will persevere and carry-on for the betterment of the youth of Ngaraard State as well as the Republic of Palau.”

KYO through Kerradel Conservation Network (KCN) were able to obtained grant funding in the amount of $5,000.00 to create and establish Ngaraard Youth as a non-profit organization. “The Office of the President approved the grant as part of the India Aid Grant Fund supporting the 2016 Year of the Youth Small Grant Scheme,” mentioned KYO Treasurer Maybelynn Skebong.  “Aside from establishing KYO, thanks to the Government of India and the Office of the President,” remarked the Treasurer, “the group’s activities also enhanced our understanding of what it truly means to be leaders as well as increase our awareness of the environment through KCN of which we will share with current KYO members and every new one on board.”

More than 80 people joined the event from parents to children and members of KYO including members of the 9th Olbetibel era Ngaraard Speaker Ben Iskawa and Youth Committee Chairman Legislator Sharp Sakuma. “KYO understands that the schedule for the gathering was not the best of dates which many were not able to participate,” apologized KYO President Ongrung, “however we did try our very best and will do a better one next time around.”

On behalf of KYO members, the officers extend their most humble gratitude to the Office of the President and the Government of India whose belief in the improvement of Palau Youth enabled the creation of KYO. “We cannot do it alone” the officers pleaded, “it requires the support of the community, the leadership of Ngaraard and the Republic, partners and all the young men and women of Ngaraard and members of KYO to make a strong entity to improve our children today and tomorrow. [/restrict]