Peleliu Youth Signage Project, a summer program for (17) Youths from the small community of Odesangel with age ranging from 13 – 32 years old, composing of six females and eleven males started work on their project in mid-June and now is completed.  [restrict

Thanks to their Project Team Leaders and served as their Instructors and Mentors, Mr. Edburge Mabel, Mr. Elwais Samil ,Mr. Willard Smau and Mr. Rambo Ichiro for working with the youth of which they were able to learn carving skills, wood ripping and designing formats. Seven signs were erected at entry points of the five hamlets of Peleliu. The signs are hand carved from local wood, sanded and varnished. Dil Odesangel Club will continue to work with the Youth to maintain the signs.

Members of Dil Odesangel Club hosted an Appreciation Luncheon and awarded Certificates of Appreciation to the Youth and Team Leaders for the beautiful signs now visible on the road sides.

This Youth Signage Project is made possible by the Government of India thru the Office of the President Grants Office, a Partnership project initiated by Dil Odesangel Club with the guidance of the Project Team Leaders and in collaboration with the Peleliu State Government. [/restrict]