The Seabees of U.S. Civic Action Team Palau 133-30 took to the mesei in Ngarkebesang from May 23 through 26 to help the community address problems with flooding that affected homes and mesei. With chainsaws, machetes and shovels teams comprised of Seabees and Palauan’s apprentices widened the waterways and cut trees, roots and underbrush that impeded water flow. They started downstream toward the Bai and worked up through the mesei all the way upstream.
Espangel Mike Mechol and the traditional chiefs of Ngarkebesang expressed gratitude to Officer In Charge, Lt. Charles Thaxter during a lunch celebration on their last day of hard work. “You and your team have provided invaluable service to support Ngarkebesang’s traditional way of life, the women’s mesei (taro patch) culture, our food security and the preservation of our environment. . . [Your team] displayed professionalism, expertise, and dedication to mission and community. For all this we are most grateful. “

The mechas of Ngarkebesang, had been meeting for months to define the scope and details of the needed work in the neighborhood along the waterway and the stream through mesei. The Seabees surveyed the site and agreed to provide the needed work. Mission Accomplished!

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