The two amendments to the Ngarchelong State Government Constitution adopted by the required 75% of votes cast take effect immediately, according to the Speaker of the Ngarchelong Assembly and Governor-Elect Dwight Ngiraibai.

Palau Election Commission certified the results of the 11th Ngarchelong General election, including the results of the votes on the constitutional amendments.

The amendments, one to reduce the percentage required to pass a constitutional amendment from 75% of votes cast to 55% and another to extend the term limit of the members of Ngarchelong State Assembly from two years to four years, met the  75% requirement of Ngarchelong State Constitution.

The eight (8) Assembly member-elects will serve four years in office instead of two years.  Furthermore, voting to adopt an amendment to Ngarchelong Constitution now requires only 55% of the votes cast on the day of the election.

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