Ngardok Lake Reserve of Melekeok State becomes one of the 64 world Forest Geo Dynamic Plots in five continents and across the globe according to Minister Umiich Sengebau of Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism.

The designation came about as result of collaboration between Melekeok State, Division of Forestry under MRET, US Forest Service and Smithsonian Institute.  World Geo Dynamic Plots are permanent forest plots studied over time to gain understanding of the impact of climate change among other factors on world’s forests.  There are only 64 such forests plots around the world and Ngardok Lake Reserve is one of them.

“We are very excited about the possibilities and information that can come from such site.  During this process, they found a new species of plant at the Ngardok Lake Reserve,” stated Minister Sengebau.

He also reported that starting this summer, that the Ministry will also identify similar plots around Palau which will be able to give us important information about the health of Palau’s forest.

“Such information will help State governments in their development plans as well as provide the national government important information on the health of our forests, a process similar to what PICRC is doing to monitor the health of our corals,” reported Sengebau. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)