Conditions of the aging Belau National Hospital show deterioration of the structure with water leaking into the hallways requiring spreading materials on the floor to absorb the water and prevent possible accidents.

The 5th Ngatpang State Legislature offered a land property, Koksai, located in Ngatpang State, consisting of 114,644 square meters, to the Palau national government as a site for the new hospital facility.

The resolution states that the Office of the Governor with Ngatpang State Public Land Authority “offers and set aside a parcel of public land …to be the site of the new hospital.”

The offered site is located on a high elevation and, therefore, is not susceptible to natural disasters and other effects of climate change.

“The proposed land in Ngatpang State is highly elevated, making it safe from natural disasters,” claimed the resolution. Furthermore, it said, the site is accessible from both the west and east side of the Compact Road

President Surangel Whipps Jr. issued Executive Order No. 461, creating a group responsible for finding a new location for the hospital, away from sea level. 

“The location of the Belau National Hospital in Meyuns is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as the hospital is located very close to sea level and is accessible to most residents of the Republic only by way of the Meyuns causeway, a low-lying thoroughfare,” Whipps said in Executive Order 461

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