In a rare event, Ngchesar State Public Land Authority and Ngchesar State Government handed over thirty-thousand (30,000) square meters of Ngchesar State Public Land to the national government for its use, yesterday at Olsirs-ked in Ngchesar.
The area handed over to the national government, known as Olsirs-ked include the land where current government slaughter house, agriculture office, new Farmers & Livestock Association office and newly completed Domestic Tuna Fisheries Office are located. The land turned over included additional 15,000 square meters to the south and west of the property, making up a total land area of 30,000 square meters.
According to Ngchesar Governor Florencio Adelbai, who is also the Chairman of the Palau Public Land Authority, the land being formally transferred was given by former Ngirakebou Roman Bedor to the national government to house the agriculture office in 2010 or 2011. This event formalized that agreement and increased the lot by another 15,000 sq. meter as requested by the Bureau of Agriculture.
Governor Adelbai stated that national government does not own land and it is also the responsibility of the State governments to assist the national government by providing lands that benefits all citizens such as those used for schools and hospitals.
Last week, Palau Public Land Authority returned 11 public land lots back to Ngchesar State, with total land area exceeding 600,000 square meters. Ten (10) out of the eleven (11) lots were small reclaim lots along shorelines. The eleventh (11) lot was a rock quarry that is little over 600,000 square meters in size.
The event also included the opening of new office for Domestic Tuna Fisheries Inc. The fisheries office is located next to the Farmers and Livestock Association office to further strengthen promotion of local food security, mentioned President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr.

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