On Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at the Ngchesar State dock, there was a harvesting of cultured Meyas (Rabbit Fish). State residents and people from other places came and attended the harvesting program.  We believe that a very high percentage of the rabbit fish fries cultured were harvested. We know the feeding of the fries and the maintenance of the fish cage was done properly. Also, we like to believe the new location of the relocated fish cage was the best one. For us, as the workers who worked to feed and monitor the fish, we are happy for the successful work we did with the assistance from BMR with the Taiwan Embassy and their aquaculture experts. The Governor of Ngchesar State and its people are happy and proud to be the pilot project for the rabbit fish aquaculture development program.  Here are some basic harvest data.   

Harvest pounds: 306 lbs.; some undersize: 73 lbs.; price per pound: $3.00-$5.00; Income: $1,250.00

Submitted to BMR by: Morland Naruo, Ngchesar State PAN Ranger

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