MADRANGEBUKED with KARAREMIOU and MADRANGESMOS standing with Ngarasesb young men at the stone walk-way taking a break from the mud excavation with other workers far to the end of the pier.

Ngaraard State consist of five main villages and is famous axiom, “ng belual techang a Kerradel?”, which is roughly translated to “whose home, in this case village, is Ngaraard?” However, while intense difference exists between the villages of Ngaraard, there are those that have built close friendly ties and much in support of one another.

On Saturday June 4th, the Ngarasesb, the traditional men and women community organization of Ngebuked village, assisted with the ancient stone walk-way restoration of Choll village led by MADRANGEBUKED Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. and KERAREMIOU Colombus Sakuma with MADRANGESMOS Magario Wachi.

Aside from continuing with assembling and stacking of boulders and stones to build the stone walk-way higher, most of the activity was digging and excavating the channel by man-power alone. Pails filled with mud were transferred hand-to-hand from those on the river-bed to those in the middle of the line and then passed on up to the men at the top of the walk-way.

The operation employed was basically utilizing the same systematic method when ancestors of Choll village’s residence were constructing the walk-way centuries ago. Young men of old carry mud on baskets woven from palm leaves by the women and make-shift stretchers, also made from palm leaves fastened to two poles, to carry stones and boulders quarried from the reefs and brought to land on floating wooden crafts.

The difference is, that today’s operation, brought into play plastic pails to transfer the mud with make-shift stretchers made of strong linen materials to carry boulders and stones. And with the climate change issue the world is faced with, the stones and boulders were mined from land quarries and dumped by trucks instead of taking them from the reefs which helps prevent floods entering the village during storm surges.

Last year in October 2021, the Ngaracheritem organization of young men of Choll village assisted with the construction and renovation of the men’s traditional meeting house of Ngebuked village, including the building’s surrounding.

High Chief MADRANGEBUKED Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. of Ngebuked village and High Chief NGIRAMEKETII Elbuchel Sadang of Choll village, long time President of the Republic of Palau and Minister of Finance (Administration), have build close relation of the two villages and working together in this context will help their people to face the adverse effect of Climate Change in preparedness and vigilance of what to expect.

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