Wednesday, February 12, the 10th Ngeremlengui State Government concluded the Governance Clinic for Leaders atthe Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK). The Clinic concentrated on the legislative matters including highlighting some of the OlbiilEra Ngeremlengui’s(OEN) key roles and responsibilities stated in National and State Constitutions as well as Olbiil Era Ngeremlengui Rules of Procedures.

The Governor, Speaker, members of the 10th OEN and legislative personnel were granted opportunity to visit and take photos in both OEK chambers followed bythe OEK Clerks, legal personnel and staffers’demonstration of work to support the President, Speaker and members of the OEKto ensure documentation of legislative matters are kept properly andrulesand procedures are observed during promulgation of laws. Demonstration by the OEK Clerks, legal personnel and staffers’ included how all communications to OEK are received, status table and various tools to track bills, communications and other legislative documents, numbering of legislative documents and how the different positions in OEK work as team to support the integrity and official business of thesitting members of OEK. Following thetour and demonstration wasan informationsession that covered constitutions and allowed ample time for the OEN members’ active participation and discussions onOEK legislative procedures and operations, OEN Rules of Procedures, constitutionsand any other legislative matters.

The LGSP is a joint partnership between the Palau Ministry of State and the United Nations Development Program aiming to strengthen good governance at local level by promoting understanding and adherence to National and State Constitutions and to ensure transparency, accountability and continuity of public service delivery during political transitions.