Ngeremlengui elect new Speaker of State Legislature

The Ngeremlengui State Legislature swore in Mr. Noel Ngiratmab as its new Speaker yesterday morning, replacing the State’s former Speaker in a “re-organization”.
Mr. Ngiratmab, a long-time member of the Ngeremlengui Legislature, is replacing former Speaker Ms. Ebil Tebelak. Ms. Tebelak, along with the rest of the 10th Ngeremlengui State Government, assumed office in January 2020. However, according to information Island Times received from the Ngeremlengui State Office, the replacement is part of a “reorganization” in order to improve the Legislature’s efficiency. The State Office confirmed that the Speaker was the only member of the Legislature who was replaced. Ms. Elvira Franz remains the Vice-Speaker.
This is the second “reorganization” which Ngeremlengui has seen in recent years, with a similar replacement of the Speaker having taken place in 2016.
The swearing-in of the new Speaker took place at the Palau Supreme Court, and was overseen by Justice Honora E. Remengesau Rudimch.
Mr. Ngiratmab, who is from Ngermetengel Hamlet, is serving for a third time in the Legislature. He was first elected to the Legislature in 2015, and was re-elected in 2019. He is assuming the role of Speaker a year into his second term.

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