On Thursday, 10th of March 2022, the Local Governance Strengthening Project resumed the joint efforts towards strengthening capacities surrounding public finance management (PFM) at the State Governments by establishing the State’s own standardize procedures to guide fiscal operations.

Governor Remengesau and the State’s key finance personnel welcomed the LGSP’s joint visit to resume on going monitoring and testing of “The Draft Ngeremlengui State Public Finance Management Standard Operating Procedures” that the State has been implementing since November 2021. Public Auditor Tewid emphasized on the importance of the treasurer’s role to certify funds for purchases and expenditures. Having a Requisition and Purchase Order Process in place allows for all fiscal requirements to take place, including certify of funds, before public funds are expended. Both Auditor Tewid and Governor Remengesau are optimistic for the trial run and monitoring of the Draft Ngeremlengui State PFM SOP. The State’s finance personnel anticipate their PFM SOP will contribute to improving their daily work, reporting and lead to successful audits overtime. The LGSP joint partnership and collaboration between the OPA, Pilot States and the Bureau of Domestic Affairs have been able to support facilitation and coordination of the Ngeremlengui State PFM SOP drafting and monitoring work.

In attendance were the Public Auditor Tewid and Sumech Chin. Governor Remengesau graced the visit with her presence along with Witness Elbelau, Aliza Ilemelong, Katsumi Abia, Angel De Jackson, and Amelia Fanz. Director Akiwo along with Abraham Osima and the Bureau of Domestic Affairs’ newest personnel Maylene Gorong to support future facilitation and coordination of the PFM SOP drafting work.

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