In this photo (Back-row Left to Right): Director of Public Works Mr.Leslie Tewid, Ngerbeched Legislator Mr. Alonz Moses, MeketiiLegislator Mr. Eledui Omelau, Ms. Alfonsa Koshiba, MedalaiiLegislator Ms. Jennifer Akiwo, Ikelau Legislator Mr. Richard Alonz. (Front-row Left to Right): The Honorable Governor Eyos Rudimch,PPUC CEO Mr. Frank Kyota, Honorable Minister of Finance/ADBGovenor Kaleb Udui, Jr,, The Honorable Speaker Millan Isack,Legislator At-Large Mr. Jason Nolan

Koror, PALAU – On March 03, 2022 the second of 4 public comfort rooms project has beenofficially handed over to Koror State Government. The Honorable Governor Eyos Rudimchwith The Honorable Speaker Millan Isack and several members of the 12th Koror StateLegislature received official keys to the new public facility at Ngermalk Long Island Parkfrom Honorable Minister and ADB Governor Kaleb Udui, Jr. and Palau Public UtilitiesCorporation (PPUC) CEO Mr. Frank Kyota. Koror State Government would like to thank itspartners and grant donor, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Palau Public UtilitiesCorporation (PPUC) for this important project. The public comfort room at Ngermalk LongIsland Park will be open for public and maintained by KSG from 6am-6pm daily. As acommunity commons, we ask the public to help keep the facility clean and graffiti-free.

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