Unofficial results from the Palau Election Commission show Ngarchelong gubernatorial candidate Dwight Ngiraibai still leading the primary gubernatorial race with 216 votes, having received the highest number of absentee ballot votes.

The second-highest vote-getter who will undoubtedly be in the race for the Office of Governor in August is Richard Ngiratrang, the incumbent governor.  Both Ngiratrang and Ngiraibai hold the highest positions in Ngarchelong State Government, with Ngiratrang as the incumbent Governor and Ngiraibai as the current Speaker of the Ngarchelong General Assembly (state legislature).

The 11th Ngarchelong State General Election will take place in August. It will also be the 20th Legislature election. Ngarchelong State Legislature members are elected every two years, while the governor is elected every four years. This year both the legislature and governor elections will take place at the same time. 

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