For the past several years, the Belau Islands Interscholastic Athletics Association (BIIAA), with the support of Palau Volleyball Federation (PVF), has provided the opportunity to all high schools in the Republic of Palau to play competitive indoor volleyball.

This season, however, was different, special, and meant something to PVF’s members, officials, and the volleyball community. At the volleyball league boy’s championship game, two players caught the heart and attention of the volleyball family.  Erwei Ngirmidol, a Senior at Emmaus-Bethania High School, and his younger brother Mali Ngirmidol, a Junior at Mindszenty High School, who are the sons of PVF’s legend Kinsley “Kinz” Ngirmidol.

Erwei and Mali, grew up watching their father “Kinz” on the volleyball court who was PVF’s starting setter and Team Captain for the Team Palau Men’s Volleyball Team at the 2018 Micronesian Games held in Yap, FSM.Following their father’s footsteps and continuing his legacy, Erweias the starting setter for EBHS team, and Mali as the team captain for MHS, both led their teams to the championship game.

At the championship game, both boys played with heart and determination along with their teammates, and played a great exciting championship game. Emmaus-Bethania High School successfully won the championship game claiming the #1 spot this season with Mindzenty High School claiming 2nd place.

Congratulations to both teams and to all the high school teams that participated in this school year’s volleyball season. A big thank you to all the High School leaders and management team, and to the Coaches of all the teams.  GET INVOLVED, KEEP THE BALL FLYING!!