By: L.N. Reklai

Ngiwal State will hold its general election this August 9, 2016 to elect its new government, a governor and State legislators.

According to Election Commission, three candidates are vying for the Office of the Governor, the incumbent Elender Ngirameketii, retired police officer Xavier Ngirameong and legislator Hideki Takataro.[reistrict]

12 candidates are vying for the 7 elected legislature seats.  These are Stephly Gabriel, Cisco Melaitau, Loraine Kloulubak, Russell Masayos, Emory Mesubed, Marina Udui, Gregorio Ngirmang, Jonathan Masaichi, Rachel Ngirarois, Francis Termeteet, Johndeck Timarong and Jonathan Bultedaob.

There are 10 seats reserved for traditional chiefs.  Some of these seats are disputed due to ongoing disputes for chiefly titles.

Ngiwal State government has seen growth in the last few years, particularly with opening of its public land for leases and opening of new attractions.  As one of the Babeldaob states with beach front properties, it is seeing growth in tourism development and is expected to develop in the coming years. [/restrict]