Nine (9) delegates to the Aimeliik State’s Constitutional Convention were elected without much fanfare.  The voter turnout was second lowest, with only 133 votes cast out of 835 registered voters.

Elected for At-Large are Laiter Dolmers, Leilani Ngirturong-Reklai, Halley Eriich and Ediloi Seklii.  Hamlet delegates elected were Walker Umetaro for Medorm hamlet, Mariko Jackson for Ngchemiangel hamlet, Ngirairikl Soaladaob for Elechui, Simon Derbai for Ngerkeai and Paul Reklai for Imul hamlet.

Upon certification of the election results, the elected candidates must convene within seven days to organize themselves.  The Convention’s work begins with reviewing the Constitution and its amendments and soliciting proposals for amendment.  They will also draft proposed amendments to the Constitution.

The Con-Con delegates will also serve as Con-Con Education Committee to conduct public education on the proposed amendments.

The total number of days allotted to the work of the Convention is sixty (60) days.  The referendum to vote on the proposed constitutional amendments will be on July 18, 2023.

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