The Ministry of Education started a school breakfast program this month in public schools aimed at ensuring that no child starts the school day hungry. 

Education Minister Dale Jenkins told Island Times that the program makes breakfast fully accessible to all public schools.

“A lot of children these days don’t eat breakfast,” he said.

The breakfast program was first piloted to high school students and then implemented in all public schools starting this month. 

Breakfast is sometimes missed especially by students who live in Babeldaob and have to get ready for school as early as 5:30 am.

He said that with both the breakfast and lunch program, the MOE is now serving 4,000 meals a day in public schools. 

The Minister said he is also delighted that the lunch and breakfast program has been serving students healthy food options with canned goods removed from the program. 

Minister Jenkins said the ministry is working with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Environment (MAFE)  to help buy local produce such as local fish and local vegetables.  

He said the local supplies of food are coordinated with local farmers and fishers as well, through MAFE’s assistance.

Minister Jenkins also said that the Ministry is also planning to resurrect school farms for food security, 

“We’re going to try and get those started again. We’re hoping as I said, during the intercessions, to be able to bring in people from the agriculture experts to be able to come and help us with what we’re trying to do. And to try to show students that farming and fishing are not only essential to life, and can be considered as careers.

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