Ministry of Health and President Surangel Whipps Jr. assure the public that the remains of the Palauan who passed away in the United States from COVID-19 coming home to be buried is very safe, with nearly zero possibility of covid infection.

Family in Palau is bringing home the remains of their loved one who passed away in the United States from COVID-19 virus.  News of the cause of death have created anxiety and concern from the public that feared that covid-19 virus might be brought in by the deceased.

Dr. Victor Yano described the processes and treatments that a deceased body undergo in preparation for funeral or transport to another place for burial.  He also explained processes required by CDC in handling and preparing Covid-19 remains.

Dr. Yano relayed CDC reports that said of the over 3 million people that have died of covid, no record has been made of person having been infected by someone already death of covid.  Furthermore, he said the disinfection process, the embalming process and the specifications for coffins ensures that the chances of possible infection is nearly non-existent.

Assurances were also provided by a Palauan medical doctor in the US and the funeral home that processed the remains.  The remains have undergone disinfection, been embalmed, sealed in a metal sealing coffin, and transported in an air tray.  When it reaches Palau, it has passed the 14 days required by CDC for quarantine.

Both Dr. Yano and President Whipps during the press conference on Wednesday assured the public that the incoming remains pose no threat to the public health and that excessive measures were taken to ensure that.

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  1. Good job Dr. Yano and President Whipps. Thanks for your hard work in keeping our Palau safe

  2. The question is, when the body arrive Palau, where will it be and how long it’ll be to be barried? Since it is in a sealed metal sealing coffin.

    Im sure the body will not be stored at the morgue until the funeral day and the burial.

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