The proposed new directive for incoming travelers will remove the requirement of 14 days of quarantine for individuals who have received their full vaccinations at least 14 days prior to boarding a plane to Palau.
Such passengers will only be required a 7-day Restriction of Movement and a PCR test, according to a report made by Sherilynn Madraisau, Director of Public Health.
The Ministry of Health is proposing the new directive to replace the current Directive 12-21, which sets out regulations for processing people entering Palau from COVID-affected areas.
According to Director Madraisau, under the proposed changes, people who have not received a COVID vaccine and are coming from high-risk COVID countries will need to go through Taiwan, and go through 14 days of quarantine there before they can board a flight to Palau.
The proposed directive is expected to be implemented upon the expiration of Directive 12-21 towards the end of May. It is expected to coincide with Palau’s vaccination rollout, which is anticipated to reach 80% herd immunity by the end of May.
The opening of flights between Guam and Palau is expected in May with the new regulations in place for the opening.
This administration’s policy of “opening with care” is to slowly open up Palau’s borders while ensuring public safety. That policy combines vaccinating 80% of the population with requirements for vaccinated travelers, and the imposition of a 14-day quarantine for non-vaccinated travelers. With or without the vaccine, PCR testing continues to be part of the process for every traveler.

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