SAIPAN (ABC)—The Commonwealth of Northern Marianas will no longer be the site of a bombing and artillery training range after the United States scaled down its plans for the territory.

Locals and activists who’ve campaigned against the U.S military plan have welcomed the latest development.

Tinian Island Mayor Edwin Aldan said the US planned to use their island as an artillery as a result of the US military increasing its presence in nearby Guam.

“The moving of U.S Marines from Okinawa [Japan] to Guam has kind of set the stage for them to use Tinian, as you know, like they say the Disneyland for the marines to have whatever you want it to do,” he said.

Mayor Aldan said it was a relief that the plans for the island have now been downscaled.

“It’s really a surprise. We just didn’t see how we as a small community could continue living on, if the plans proposed proceeded,” he said.

The plans were first proposed in 2015 but Mayor Alden said the local community had raised their opposition to it.

“I’m glad through continued dialogue and continued efforts to strengthen our relationships our concerns were heard and addressed,” he said….PACNEWS

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