A French Air and Space Force Dassault Rafale prepares for takeoff in support of Northern Edge 23-2 on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, July 5, 2023. Northern Edge 23-2 is an opportunity for the United States and participating nations to exercise distributed operations, increasing proficiency and force durability while displaying a shared commitment to regional security and stability. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Hannah Strobel)

Daily flyovers of different types of military aircraft have occurred for the past few days.  Locals have mixed responses to the noise and low-flying jets over residences, with some showing support and excitement while others are fearful of the implications and concerned about the noise’s impact on the sick and elderly.

The event is part of the Northern Edge 23-2 exercise, a  Joint US airforce exercise with the French Air and Space Force, taking place in various locations in the Pacific, including Palau, from July 2-21, 2023.

On July 9th, Northern Edge conducted a flyover at the Belau Game Closing Ceremony and, yesterday had a public showing at the Airai Airport where the public could view and ask questions of the military service members.

This morning they will conduct a flyover at Malakal Harbor in remembrance of WWII and lastly, on Wednesday, they will have a separate event for Airai Elementary School. “Northern Edge 23-2 will deliver challenges across joint, multinational and multi-domain operations in order to provide high-end, realistic training to enhance the readiness of participating forces.  The participants have come together to showcase the possibilities of multilateral cooperation to advance interoperability and grow shared capabilities,” stated the media advisory issued by U.S. Pacific Air Forces. (By: L.N. Reklai

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