Lucio Oisebokel Obakerbau is the new speaker of the 12th Aimeliik State Legislature after the legislature adopted a resolution appointing him speaker.  He is slated to take his oath of office this week.

“I am working with my colleagues to first see what bills they have already placed on the calendar and see if we can take action on those first.  Second, we want to look at some of the bills that will help improve the work within the state as well as bring in new assistance and funding,” stated Legislator Obakerbau who expressed optimism that the legislators can work together despite differences.

Legislator Lucio O Obakerbau is finishing the remaining term of the previous speaker Jefferson Eriich.  He was elected to serve Eriich’s remaining term after Eriich resigned in compliance with the Bureau of Public Safety Regulations that required him to choose either to be a law enforcement officer or a public official.

Lucio O. Obakerbau is the oldest member of the state legislature and brings to the legislature extensive work experience.  He had served two terms as a legislator in the Aimeliik state Legislature and is not a rookie.  A retired  IT manager from the House of Delegates (OEK), he is also actively involved in aquaculture and agriculture. He had had a giant clam farm for nearly 10 years and a chicken farm for about 2 years.  He said he is keen to adopt laws that support aquaculture and farming in Aimeliik. (By: L.N. REklai)

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