A house Joint Resolution was adopted early this month to show continued support for Taiwan’s bid to join international agencies such as United Nations and World Health Organization ( WHO).

The resolution, 11-49-10,  said Palau and Taiwan have a strong relationship and that the latter has assisted the nation in many issues, including COVID-19.

“The Olbiil Era Kelulau ( OEK) hereby express continuing support to the Republic of China- Taiwan in its tireless advocacies and endeavors to participate in the United Nations, WHO, and other specialized international agencies.”

It added that forming a Formosa Club, the Indo-Pacific transnational inter-parliamentary platform further strengthened the diplomatic relationship by advancing cooperation, dialogue, and linkage between the Indo-Pacific nations and Taiwan.

President Surangel Whipps has repeatedly pledged a commitment to supporting Taiwan.

The Pacific is the site of a diplomatic tug-of-war between Beijing and Washington, and in 2019 Kiribati and the Solomon Islands switched alliance from Taiwan to China.

Dr. Hsueh Jui-yuan, Minister of Health and Welfare of Taiwan said in a statement that the country has not been invited to the World Health Assembly since 2017. “Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is abating and dialogue on strengthening health systems worldwide is accelerating, Taiwan should not be left out. Taiwan can help, and Taiwan’s inclusion would make the world healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable.”

The OEK  resolutions come on the heels of another plea by the Taiwan government to WHO and other nations to support Taiwan’s inclusion in the World Health Assembly as an observer, as well as Taiwan’s full participation in WHO meetings, mechanisms, and activities.

“Taiwan will continue to work with the world to help ensure the fundamental right to health enshrined in the WHO Constitution. In the spirit of the SDGs, no country should be left behind—especially not Taiwan,” Dr. Jui-yuan said.

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