Ngaraard was bustling with activities during the celebration of the Olchotel Belau Fair yesterday, October 24.

To start off the celebration, a parade of nations took place in the early morning. Then throughout the day, a series of live performances and booths were present to keep guests entertained.

Director Melson Miko mentioned that 16 states of Palau have their tents along with 31 vendors. Some of the activities from the vendors included learning the art of origami from JICA, a presentation of marine species and information about food security from the Bureau of Marine Resources and Agriculture, and a tent from the Palau Community College (PCC) where people can partake in different Palauan Sports such as Spearing. Booths that showcased weaving and carving were also present.

There was also an abundance of food that can be found in different vendors ranging from traditional to barbecued food.  The celebration ran smoothly with officers present to help with cars that are going in and out of the event. A medical team was also there in case of emergencies. Even firefighters were there to assist in case a fire would suddenly happen. Bus transportation gave people that do not own vehicle a chance to go to Olchotel Belau Fair.

This event was made possible through the help of the governor’s association, the governor of Ngaraard, and the local whom helped clean the area for the celebration. The national government also contributed greatly to the event by providing the money necessary to host such a big and important event for Palau. The money was used to assist Ngaraard since they were the ones hosting the event and some money was given to the young Palauans that were also performing.

This celebration was meant to show the strength of the Palauan people with their work, to support the youth, and to assemble together to another state of Palau to commemorate a special day for Palau.

The last OBF was conducted in Ngchesar State and also drew huge crowd. (Telbakes Yano)