On Friday, 07 April 2017, Ngchesar State Government installed 4 solar powered street lights in front of Karmaliang, the heart of Ngchesar State. The street lights were donated by the Oldiais Club in Guam as their gifts to the people of their home State in Palau.

It is the intention of Ngchesar Governor Duane Hideo to eventually light up the streets in all hamlets in Ngchesar so as to ensure security and safety of people and their properties as well as visitors and tourists coming to visit Ngchesar State.
Governor Hideo is a strong advocate of green renewable energy and continues to welcome support from friends and partners in this sector. The gifts from the Oldiais Club of Guam are a welcome gesture in this regard.
Ngchesar State Government and its people wish to thank the Oldiais Club in Guam, particularly their President, Mr. Omakius Spesungel and all the members for their generous donations and support to their home State in Palau. [/restrict]