Jennifer Olgeriil and Jackson Doktok

Appointments of Jennifer Olgeriil and Jackson Doktok to the Board of Palau Visitors Authority have been confirmed unanimously by the Senate.

Ms. Olgeriil, the Director of Koror State Department of Law Enforcement and Conservation,  brings extensive experience managing a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon of Koror State, and decades of law enforcement practice to the PVA Board.

At the confirmation hearing on her appointment, Ms. Olgeriil said that she didn’t see any conflict between her current job and the role of the PVA Board occurring. She added that any decision she makes will be based on all the available information and data if that comes up.

Mr. Doktok, an assistant manager of Splash Dive Center at the Palau Pacific Resort, brings more than 30 years of direct experience in the tourism industry to the PVA Board. A certified Dive Instructor, with certificates in various training courses, including Palau Boating Safety Course, he believes he will add to the quality of decisions made by the PVA Board.

Both candidates were spoken of highly by the Senators during the deliberation and received unanimous confirmation from all 11 senators present. 

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