By: L.N. Reklai

(Airai, Palau) David Orrukem is the Speaker of the Ngerchumelbai, the Airai State Legislature after the Seventh Olbiil er a Ngerchumelbai adopted a Resolution appointing him the Speaker. Speaker Orrukem was appointed to the position formerly held by former Speaker Julio Omtei Ringang, who passed away this year.


In his special remarks after taking the Oath of Office, emphasized working together as key to achieving what they can with Governor Tmeuang.  He urged all leadership of Airai State to identify what can be achieved together for Airai State.

The ceremony was witnessed by Speaker Orrukem’s family and friends as well as national leaders including Airai State Delegate Vicky Kanai, Governor Frank Kyota, Governor Tmeuang Rengulbai.

Administrating the Oath was Judge Rose Skebong and Mrs. Janet Ebil Orrukem was the bible bearer for the occasion.

Airai Legislator Rechard “Rihart” Rechirei offered closing remarks again encouraging cooperation and closer working relationship between Airai’s leadership and citizenry.