By: L.N. Reklai

October 16, 2017 (Airai, Palau) Senator Frank Kyota awarded four scholarships to Airai students attending colleges.  Each scholarship amount is $500 and according to Senator Kyota, has been his pledge to Airai citizens when he was a delegate and now as a Senator, continues the award.


The scholarship awards went to Drake Emesiochel, a fourth year student at Adventist University in the Philippines, Dilkot Williams, third year radiology student at Cebu Doctors University in the Philippines, Tamara Johanes, fourth year student at Adventist University of the Philippines with major in business accounting and Chealsey Daniel, first year student at Eastern Oregon University in Oregon, USA who is pursuing a degree in medical field.

“This is my pledge to the people and a legacy I want to leave behind,” stated Senator Frank Kyota at the award.

Parents of the students received the scholarships on behalf of their children as all the students were off-island attending schools.

“This scholarship will go a long way to help our kids who are schooling in the Philippines,” stated Mrs. Grete Williams,  a grandparent representing scholarship recipient. [/restrict]