1) Photos of scorched vehicles near where the burnt house used to be in Osaka-hang, Idid. (photo credit to M. Uludong)

On Friday, January 24th , a house caught fire at Osaka-hang in Idid hamlet of Koror at around 7:30pm. The house is said to belong to IA company under Ignacio Anastacio and houses 11 of IA’s construction workers.

According to one of the residents of the house,Moihin Oidin, the fire started in his room.  He said he left his room to take a shower when he was alerted to the fire coming from his room.  The residents speculated the cause of the fire to be electrical.

It took the fire fighters nearly an hour to doused the fire due to the fire truck having to leave to refill its tank at the Sacred Heart Church.  The police worked to put out the fire and provide safety precautions to the crowd of nearby neighbors that have surrounded the place while the fire truck was doing it’s rounds.

The fire burned down the entire structure including 2 parked vehicles.  There was no reported casualty as result of the fire.  Residents of the house were moved by IA company to other housing locations in Koror.

This would be the second house to be burned this month.  On the morning of January 1st, a barracks housing by Galaxy Builders in Airai was burned down with one resident perishing in the fire.  Official reports pointed to electrical problem as cause of the fire.

No official report as to the cause of this fire has been released. (Kerdeu Uong)