In a formal handover ceremony held Friday, January 24th at Koror Rangers Office in Malakal, Koror State Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement (DCLE) gained a fully operational radio communication system funded through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Society Project called Radio Communications and Security for Koror State Rangers.

“Communication is a very important, critical, essential part of the response of the Koror State Rangers in Koror State waters and jurisdiction,” expressed DCLE Director Jennifer Olegeriil. “The availability and reliability of a communication system of such setting as RISL that encounters challenges and hazards on many levels is required and non-negotiable.”

Director Olegeriil explained that the project was proposed “to protect personnel, persons who frequent Koror State jurisdiction and assets.”

The radio communication system according to Ms. Olegeriil consists of 4 towers, four repeaters, 12 mounted unit bases and 30 handheld radios.    Palau Telecom is the service provider for Koror State and its Southern Lagoon radio communication system. The overall grant project awarded was $62,041.00.

The latest testing of the system between KSG DCLE, Japan Embassy and the service provider showed no blind spots within the Rock Island Southern Lagoon.

“The rangers response to persons in distress and potential harm to our environment now has improved by over 50%,” reported Director Olegeriil.

“Fast relayed information will ensure quicker and more accurate response in terms of location and type of assistance required.”

“Today the value of this radio communication system resonates more than that it will shape perception to security and safety preparedness and shift positive behavior toward productivity and efficiency,” added Olegeriil.

His Excellency Ambassador Akira Karasawa of Japan stated that the new communication system granted through Japan’s Grant Assistance will replace the inefficient system of cellphone used by Rangers to communicate.

“I hope this project will strengthen maritime security and contribute to safe travels of all users of Koror State waters,” added Ambassador Karasawa.

Speaker Alan Marbou expressed appreciation on behalf of Koror State Government to the government and the people of Japan for their continuous generosity and willingness to assist the people of Koror State. (L.N. Reklai)