Reporting the wrong doings of government officials now became an easy process as the Office of the Special Prosecutors website,, which was launched in June allows one to file complaint online on the basis of anonymity.

OSP is an independent office in the Republic of Palau tasked with receiving complaints, investigating, and prosecuting  allegations of violations of the Constitution and laws of the Palau by government officials.

Special Prosecutor April Dawn Cripps said, “We have not had the website up for long, but have received a handful of complaints since the website was launched.”

The complaint filing portal gives individuals a choice to file a complaint using their own name and email address in which case the OSP might get in touch but keep all the records including the name of the complainant confidential.

A complaint can be filed anonymously by entering the word ‘Anonymous’ in the box provided instead of complainants’ name.

“An anonymous complaint does have limitations and may not allow for a complete investigation if it does not provide enough information,” Cripps said.

Cripps added that It is always better for investigation if contact details of the complainant are available should the need arise.

“We will do our best to investigate any criminal activity reported to our office, keeping in mind our focus is on government corruption,” Cripps said. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)