Over $154 million dollars of grants from various countries and international agencies that flowed into Palau from 2017 to 2020 are still in various stages of completion. Out of the $154 million, over $97 million has been expended, with $18 million encumbered and a $38 million pending.
Based on the FY 2021 2nd quarter report, most of the funding is for 2018, 2019 and 2020 projects. The 2017 projects are mostly CIP projects in different phases of construction.
The United States of America is the largest donor, contributing over $107.8 million to nearly all areas of government, health, education, transportation, agriculture, environment, covid relief and weather, among others.
The Ministry of Health is recipient of the lion’s share of the US federal assistance with $27.2 million, followed by WIOA with $25.9 million. The airport received $12.1 million from the US Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Education received $8.4 from the US Department of Education. The US Department of Interior funded various programs including Republic single audits, MOJ data systems upgrades, BLS modernization project, Our Oceans 2020 and others to the tune of $7.4 million.
The second largest country donor on the list is Taiwan with $26.8 million in CIP and other projects. These are programs that are still on-going. The list does not include countries with completed major projects such as Japan.
Grants from other donors to various ministries totaled $19.5 million. These come from various countries, United Nations agencies and NGO’s.
MNRET is the recipient of the largest share of this grant segment, having received $10.7 million, of which $9.7 has already been expended and nearly $900k remaining.
Other ministries and agencies recipient of these other grants include MOJ, MOH, EQPB, MOF, MPIIC, National Weather Service, President’s Office and others.
This list does not include 2021 grants and projects.

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