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With COVID-19 being a prevalent issue in Palau, Australia’s Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) is partnering anew with the Palau Media Council to hold a two-day workshop next week, to help boost the capacity of the local journalists, amid the impacts of the global pandemic.

The two-day training, which is scheduled on June 9 and 12, will cover a range of topics that will assist local reporters on how to communicate and effectively report on the issue, including taking health risks into account while reporting on the field.

During the workshop, the Palau media will touch base with colleagues in Micronesia who can offer insights on how COVID-19 plays out in the region.

The training will also bring together local and international experts to provide the local journalists the tools and information to create COVID-19 stories from various perspectives.

PACMAS, a media development program to facilitate discourse across government, business, and civil society, through the Pacific media is delighted to sponsor the Palau Media Council again.

The first partnership of the council and PACMAS was in February when it held a five once-a-week training from February to March on budget reporting.

“We hope this PACMAS workshop can help Palau’s journalists and practitioners to adopt healthy and safe practices while also covering the big issues facing Palau, including the impacts of travel restrictions on public health and the economy.” stated Vipul Khosla Project Director of PACMAS.

PACMAS program is funded by the Australian government and managed by ABC International Development.