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Over 600 have signed an online petition made by Palau Citizens Movement Ar Beluu a Mekisang in opposition of the proposed online gaming bill (House Bill No. 10-124-12, HD2).

The petition highlights the potential negative impacts of having online gaming in Palau.

It states that bill is not consistent with Palau’s values. Additionally, it says it is closely tied with behaviors similar to gambling such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and money laundering.

The petition further states that in order to run an online gaming business, 100’s even 1000’s of employees are required, some of which may need to immigrate to Palau. The petition brought up the recent bust of the 142 Chinese nationals suspected for illegal online gambling activities as an example.

It went on to say that the online gambling laws have been outdated for many years with no regulations. Prior to the proposal of this House Bill, 4 online gaming licenses have been issued with no operations due to lack of funding, operational regulations, as well as cyber security.

Under the petition, citizens voiced their disapproval of this bill and believe that it could ruin Palau.

If House Bill No. 10-124-12, HD2 becomes law, it will allow for issuance of 30 online gaming licenses on what is called in the bill as the “Offshore Internet Gaming Business.” A potential benefit from this bill is amassing $27 Million in fees alone for Palau granted that it issues 30 licenses.