Belau Association of NGO (BANGO) contract signing December 20, 2021

Semesemel a Klengelakel (SKO) contract signing March 04, 2022

KOROR, PALAU (25 March 2022) — The Government of Palau Ministry of Finance signed a contract with the Belau Wellness Center Inc. (BWC) to a deliver services for home-bound senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
Other nongovernment organizations were also contracted by the Palau Ministry of Finance to support vulnerable groups in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. These include a contract with SEMESEMEL A KLENGELAKEL (SKO) signed on 04 March 2022 to deliver services for family protection and case management and a contract with BELAU ASSOCIATION OF NGO (BANGO) signed on 20 December 2021 to deliver social marketing and awareness raising activities for gender-based violence prevention. The Ministry of Health and Human Services Bureau of Public Health will oversee the services delivered by BANGO, BWC, and SKO.
These contracts are part of an ADB-supported project called COVID-19 Response for Affected Poor and Vulnerable Groups which aims to address the needs of poor and vulnerable groups in Palau affected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The $3.71 million project is funded by a $766,442 grant from the Asian Development Fund 13 thematic pool. The Government of Japan is providing $2.4 million grant from the Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific and the Ireland Trust Fund for Building Climate Change and Disaster Resilience in Small Island Developing States is contributing $550,000 grant.
“The prolonged duration of the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strain on the republic and its citizens. The impact on the economy, government finances, and our people are significant. The impact has been particularly hard on the vulnerable population. Palau has fared better than others due to the strong support of its partners. This project illustrates the strong relationship that has helped Palau weather the pandemic and adapt to the modern reality of climate change in our lives. Our sincere appreciation cannot be expressed strongly enough to the ADB, Japan, and Ireland for this support,” said Mr. Udui, Jr.
The project will roll out welfare support to older people and persons with disabilities, deliver food security and income-generating support to agricultural producers, and implement multidisciplinary responses to address family and gender-based violence.
There are an estimated 1,650 direct beneficiaries from the project, apart from the 1,400 frontline workers who will be trained on gender-based violence referral pathways, and a gender-based prevention campaign covering at least 12,000 people.

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