Palau is ready to buy a property in New York City, New York for 2.23 million dollars to serve as Palau’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

In a letter to Senate President Hokkons Baules and House Speaker Sabino Anastacio, President Whipps said that the negotiations have been successful and that no further funding appropriations are needed.

To fund the purchase and renovation of the property, the $2.1 million from the 2020 Taiwan Stimulus grant as well as the already appropriated sum for the operations of the UN Mission, and housing stipends for staff will be used to buy and renovate the property, stated the letter to OEK leadership.

The only requirement requested of OEK is the waiver of diplomatic or sovereign immunity to allow for the purchase to occur.  The waiver removes the diplomatic or sovereign immunity in relation to the purchase of the real property, allowing (buyer) in this case Palau, to be sued.  Any default in payment for the property, the buyer can be sued and the property, by court judgment could be seized.

Olbiil Era Kelulau had earlier authorized President Whipps and/or his designee under Joint Resolution 11-20 to “explore and pursue the purchase of the property” to house Palau’s Permanent Mission.

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