Taiwan government along with Shin Kong Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital and Chengpei Rotary Club District 3482 made their donation to the Belau National to help boost Palau’s emergency preparedness, especially in addressing COVID-19.

The donation is the second part of a donation package that arrived this week said Ambassador Wallace Chow. The first set arrived 2 weeks ago on the plane carrying medical experts to train Palau’s medical staff.

Ambassador Wallace explained that the donated medical supplies are worth $40,000 US dollars and consist of ventilators, oxygen masks, portable suction, glide scope for intubation and more that can “enhance the capability for Palau National Hospital to fight against COVID-19.” There will be additional donation of supplies coming this week via DHL such as face masks, infrared thermal scanners and medicines.

The COVID-19 is truly a humanitarian disaster that knows no boundaries.  To address this dire situation, “requires joint efforts of all partners to take decisive action. The Taiwan government has always been willing and able to utilize its strength across sectors to work with Palau and the world,” said Ambassador Chow. “With full cooperation with Palau together with other partners like the United States, Australia and Japan, we can overcome the challenge together.”

Palau’s Minister of Health Dr. Robertsthanked the Taiwan government and other benefactors said that it is a blessing that the pandemic threat has helped better equip and upgrade the supplies of the Belau National Hospital as well as train the staff.

The flight that brought in the medical supplies also carried Palauan patients who went for treatment back to Palau and that the same flight had taken some patients here to get treated in Taiwan.