Ambassador Wallace Chow of the ROC (Taiwan) presented a stimulus grant check of 300,000 US dollars to Minister of Finance Elbuchel Sadang on Friday, April 17.

Aquaculture Project(AP) and Animal Production Project(APP) are funded in this action. AP aims to promote the aquaculture production of native species like rabbit fish while APP aims to improve the quantity and quality of pig and chicken production in Palau. Both projects will increase local agricultural productivity and enhance Palau food security.

This grant makes up one of the five stimulus grant checks issued within March and April of this year by the ROC (Taiwan) government to Palau for various development projects.  All the five stimulus checks total comes to $6,476,500.00 dollars.

These grants go to pay for ongoing or completed projects including infrastructure projects such as interstate connecting roads, waterlines, building improvements, One-Stop-Shop facility, parks improvements, tourism site improvements, food security programs such as AP and APP above as well as new operating software systems for finance and health ministries.

Taiwan Government is one of Palau’s main development partners and remains committed to deepening the relationship with Palau through varieties of cooperation projects.