Palau and Taiwan celebrated Taiwan’s 112th National Day on October 9, 2023. The two countries share a strong alliance based on shared values of democracy and a desire for global peace, stability, and prosperity.

President Surangel Whipps Jr. of Palau congratulated Taiwan on its National Day and noted Taiwan’s support and commitment to the relationship between the two countries.

“Our friendship is deep and long-lasting …our cooperation meets all aspects of people’s lives,” added Whipps of Taiwan and Palau’s alliance.

Taiwan’s support for Palau’s economy has been significant, said Whipps, contributing greatly to Palau’s effort to build a resilient economy.

Palau has been calling for Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations. Taiwan, as a thriving democracy, deserves to be represented on the global stage.

Her Excellency Ambassador Jessica Lee of the Republic of China-Taiwan acknowledged Palau’s friendship and support, particularly in the United Nations, where Palau called for the inclusion of Taiwan and its people in the UN.

Ambassador Lee called for maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait, which is of a global interest. The Taiwan Strait is a vital shipping lane, and any conflict in the region would significantly impact the global economy.

The call for Taiwan’s participation on the global stage is also important. Taiwan is a major player in the global economy and a leader in many areas, including technology and democracy. It is in the international community’s interest to allow Taiwan to participate fully in global institutions and organizations.

“Palau stands by you.  We believe that the people of an independent Taiwan have the right to determine their future,” stated President Whipps adding,  “Long live the Republic of China!”

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